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Join us at Green Lifestyle Bazaar, Tokyo Street.

This time in June, we are joining a special event by Pavilion KL, the Green Lifestyle Bazar in the 6th floor. We have specially designed some green-themed accessories and special promotion to all who shop with us! 

Some simple ideas to remind you about how simple you can help to save the earth to survive longer. We think cycling in the city is a good way to save money and to feel relaxed! Which is your favourite charm? 





THINK GREEN, DO GREEN! Special recyclable packaging will be provided throughout this event. Do you know how many times can a brown envelope be used again and again? Turn them into a mini gift idea, or as a notepad! Inspiration here.

FREEBIES! GREEN FREEBIES we mean! With every RM50 spent, you'll get a green bracelet; featuring a tree charm on a green cotton bracelet. The idea is simple; reminds you that you are part of the mother nature, be good to the earth. Wear it all time and be responsible for being a human being!

Event Details:

Location: 6th Floor, Tokyo Street Entrance, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Date and Time: 10.00am to 10.00pm, 1/6/15 - 15/6/15


Drop by and cheer up, life's too good that we have green grass and blue sky =)




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