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Enchanting Bohemian Lookbooks

There's something about this photo shoot that is just so enchanting and warm; it pulls in anyone with dreams of hedonistic freedom and unplanned travels, donning only hippie fashion and sun-kissed wavy hair. 

Living life like dreamers should, Australian photographer Natalie Cottee helps us embark on a nature-filled journey of hippie fashion with new Australian fresh-faced models Abbie Weir and Taylah Roberts. As the dreamers take us on a whimsical trip via the photo shoot, we get to see the All That Remains crotchety, vintage-inspired pieces close up.

Styled by Leaha Lockley and featuring the two finalists from “Australia’s Next Top Model," this photo shoot is the ultimate portrayal of hippie lifestyle at its best


The two dewy-looking models are set against an adventurous outdoor backdrop and aimlessly walk around the bountiful natural landscape in dreamy dresses, scarves and lace shirts from All That Remains. 

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