Find the fire in you, follow your passion, and live your dream.

Hi, Vintage lovers! Vintage 1988 is a Malaysian independent vintage fashion label. We make fabulous accessories with our wide range of vintage charm collection. With our creative brain juice and always, touches of fashion sense and quality idea, our people are loving us so desperately for being a leading fashionable icon. We make emotional gift ideas to melt people's heart and shoppers love our delicately caring ideas and advises when they meet us! 

Passion, is bringing everything forward. Since 2010, the owners of Vintage 1988 set up stalls in creative markets and then joined into the real large retail world, Now, Vintage 1988 has expanded its business to numerous outlets in Klang Valley's tip-top shopping malls as well as the online shopping world. Locations of the brick-and-mortars can be found under 'Outlets' tab. The best part about the link is, customers can get their items polished for free and repaired at (mostly) no costs in any of the outlets. With well-trained staffs, creative advises and non-stop coming new ideas, Vintage 1988 is a young and fast-fashion vintage concept brand.   

Everything you see, feel and hear in Vintage 1988 is all made by and for Vintage 1988. We love the super strong vintage style and touch of modernization in the presentation of everything! Old boots, typewriters, dreamcatchers, heart-striking messages and even our vintage envelope packaging! 

In Vintage 1988, passion is everything. We believe passion makes perfect! Love everything you do, and do only what you love!

Nicole, co-founder of Vintage 1988