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All New: Passion is Everything

Many of us take our dreams, interests, career that we love for granted. To be more precise we have stop doing things that ignite our passion. It has to be felt in your heart and reflected in your actions. It may sound simple but it with your effort and will, you will be able to unleash the passion in you.

From hobbies, visions, relationships, work that you love and many other things that you love immensely means nothing without passion. Imagine eating stale pasta at a city's best western cafe; that is a huge disappointment simply because the chef that prepared the food has no passion with his job.

You see, passion is a beautiful wave that can inspire many others - you are doing a favour for everyone around you and ultimately find the contentment for yourself as well. 

Why not take your first step of passion with our very own collections? You can choose to gift it to your family or favourite person or even for yourself. Let it ignite the fire of your life.



1.   Little Dreamer Little Traveller Cotton Bracelet in Multiple Color Options

Little Dreamer Little Traveller cotton bracelet are made for the wanderlust travellers. I loved wearing this piece; it took me back to my days in India and reminded me all of my favourite moments back then. This bracelet comes in three different cotton string colours with brass charms and wooden beads – army green, maroon or dark brown – so pick your favourite as the cotton string nestles comfortably around your wrist and perfect for everyday wear. 

Little Dreamer Little Traveller Cotton Bracelet is available for RM 28.80


2.   Ballerina's Caleidoscope Braided Cotton Bracelet

Dance is rhythm, expressions, joy and a  lot more. It has been an inseparable part of our existence since the dawn of the human race. With time it has become more a passion than just another form of entertainment for so many among us.This is a beautifully hand-crafted piece of excellent quality, which can be worn both day and night adding a sweet touch of effortless luxury to your look. Dance like nobody's watching.  

Ballerina's Caleidoscope Braided Cotton Bracelet is available for RM 45.00


3.   Musical Lover Guitar and Wing Unisex Long Necklace

If there's one thing that can fix almost anything in this world, it's music. Our relationship with music is so deep that it's hard to imagine life without it. This is a piece that can be subtlety incorporated into any casual or stylish outfit, allowing you to rock you own world. This piece is my favourite because music has been a huge impact to my life. It is suitable for everyday wear.

Musical Lover Guitar and Wing Unisex Long Necklace is available for RM 34.40

The world needs your passion, so decide right now that it’s possible to find it, and when you find your passion, be assured: It will always guide you right. "By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others."

You can check out or shop the full collection here.

  • All products comes in a ready-to-gift envelope packaging.
  • You can also upgrade to hard box packaging for a more presentable look. (Purchase here)


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