Customized Signature Anchor Wrap

Customized Signature Anchor Wrap

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Choose 1 colour if you want a full solid colour for your bracelet, or choose a maximum of 3 colours if you want a mixture of cotton string colours for a fancier look. Please refer to the sample photos.
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One of our signature wraps; wearing the anchor would symbolise an attachment to someone. Layer it into three rounds; the anchor acts as the closure, also the ultimate spark of the bracelet. Pick up to 3 different colours for your bracelet and customize yours today!

Bracelets are available in two standard sizes; Male - 58cm; Female - 53cm. This exclusively handmade Vintage 1988 design is also perfect as a couple's set.

NOTE: All anchor wraps are handmade to order; we will take an additional 3 working days to produce the bracelets on top of normal delivery time.

CARE: Our cotton strings are meant for daily wear, however, do expect an aged look after heavy exposure to water and sweat. Polishing with lemon juice or polishing cloth will regain shine, but will not recover to its original color.