Lucky Year of 2015 !

Here we came to a brand new year of 2015! It's definitely a new adventure and also a year to be harvested again!
At the beginning of year 2015, Vintage 1988 presents you a series of lucky charms and lucky accessories. We are here to present you 12 different lucky charms, which you can collect for every month of the year! 
Each charm has their own lucky origins and meanings, get our monthly themed flyer in any of our outlet to view the full story ! 
You also can customize your lucky charm into a necklace, charm bracelet, cotton bracelet, earring, or even a key chain. Wear it wherever you go, good luck will follow you. Visit any of our outlets to customise your very own lucky accessories!
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PLUS, we are also giving away FREE 2015 Lucky Charms Pocket Calendar with every purchase made.
*Offer valid while stocks last*
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