12 Comical Jewelry Pieces

Laughter is a great way to turn a depressing day around into something positive, and these comical jewelry pieces will definitely put a smile on your face with its use of humorous designs and references. 

Accessories are a fantastic way to infuse some personal style and originality to an outfit, and if you happen to have a boisterous personality with a wicked sense of humor, then these comical jewelry pieces will definitely suit your style. Why go for bracelets or necklaces that will blend in with your outfit when you can wear items that feature humorous feline critters or ones that resemble shapes of scrumptious dessert recipes?


1. Superhero Accessories Halloween may be over, but that doesn't mean you can't channel your favorite superhero on a daily basis with the nOir Jewelry for DC Comics collection. In fact, this is one jewelry line that would make a great Christmas present for your comic book buff of a friend. (See, there's always an excuse to shop.)


2. Insectified Fashion Accessories National Geographic prides itself on striking photography and persistent and hard-hitting photojournalism. If you sometimes find this pretentious, the Pedderzine 'Supernatural' editorial is for you.


3. Miniature Finger Landscape Created by Hong Kong-based design studio Shannnam, the clear plastic rings feature a tiny landscape or scenario, ranging from comical and charming to sad and touching. As described by designers Chan Oi Yau Riyo and Kwong Ho Sun Howard on their website, each piece exhibits "a glimmer, a touch, a place, a continuity, a dream captured within suspended streams of consciousness," making it incredibly easy to find a connection with the inhabitants of the miniature worlds.


4. Upcycled Credit Card Charms Metalsmith, jewelry maker and artist Kristal Romano has found a dazzling new use for old credit cards that are no longer needed. Instead of throwing them away or cutting them up, she crafts them into plastic gems and sets them into gorgeous pieces of jewelry. 


5. Animated Radiant Rings The Happy Adjustable is the latest ring created by fun fashion house Smiling Silver Smith. The brand has a fully stocked store on Etsy that sells a whole range of humorous one-fingered and two-fingered rings. This particular ring features a smiley face, a design that is sure to cheer up anyone.


6. Psychic Kitty Chain The Ginette Lapalme cat necklaces offer fun, whimsical, kitty-inspired designs to spruce up any outfit. Ginette’s kitty amulet necklaces are hand-crafted and painted in bespoke psychedelic colours. The spooky-looking kitties also feature jewels on their temples -- maybe those crafty cats are trying to read your mind? These whimsical pieces are just purr-fect for everyday wear and retail at $60-$70 from Magic Pony, a gallery and shop in Toronto, Ontario. 


7. Scrumptious Oversized Necklace These handmade pendants are a cute and playful take on jewelry. Instead of just sitting there looking pretty, these bitten watermelon slice and biscuit-shaped pendants can also deliver chuckles. Designed by Taiwanese brand BEKiDS, the delectable pieces are perfect props for anyone who wants to break out into an animated comic relief.


8. Comic Book Jewelry These 'Pow!' rings and 'Pow!' pendants from Ambush look like something right out of an old-school comic strip. The bright colorways and glittery metallic details are perfect to set off any vibrant spring outfit. 

9. Cartoon Eyewear Fresh from a newly formed French company come the Nunettes Sponge Bob sunglasses. Whimsical and fun, these sunglasses put a twist on the classic Wayfarer style. 


10. Aquatic Predator Adornments This piece is the personification of a good Etsy find. Well-crafted with plenty of attention to detail, the shark necklace makes it look as if a little man on your chest is about to be devoured by a very hungry shark. Apart from the lovable depiction on the piece, the draping in the necklace is in and of itself very visually appealing. Colored in a range of soft blue colors, the hues in this necklace will complement a variety of ensembles. 

11. Shocked Shrink Plastic Brooches The toy-made creations feature adorable illustrations drawn on shrink plastic with permanent marker. After the pieces are shrunken, Damki bakes and varnishes the creations to seal in the designs. Damki's creations make for whimsical wearable art that puts a fun twist on the classic kids toy. These whimsical designs are sold through Damki's Etsy shop. Each character has a unique name that embodies their personalities, like 'KATZI on skateboard' and 'Icecream Bear.'


12. Villainous Accessories This villainous fashion accessory is a part of the DC Comics-themed attire by Colette to commemorate DC’s 75th anniversary. The Joker bow tie is pretty freaky, seeing that its piercing eyes seem to be plotting your demise. Perhaps they're pondering, "Why so serious-ly dressed?"




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