10 Wacky Handbag Designs

Any fashionista looking to add some eclectic and out-of-the-ordinary items to their wardrobe are in luck, because these wacky handbag designs are sure to bring that eye-catching and whimsical appearance to any ordinary outfit.


1. The Book Purses are made for stylish literary lovers who would prefer to wear a different type of designer brand. In place of Prada, Louis Vuitton, Fendi and Chanel, these Book Purses were influenced by Jane Austen, J.K. Rowling, Harper Lee and Bram Stoker. Accessories for both the arm and mind, they satisfy a person's need to meld their reading hobby with other facets of their lives.

2. Ugly Meat Bag - Andrea Hasler’s ‘Burdens of Excess’ juxtaposes coveted designer brand names with grotesque meat-resembling accessories. Although many people love toting accessories branded with names like Yves Saint Laurent, Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton, these creations make these mock luxury items seem much less appealing.

3. Chicken Handbag Hilariously quirky, the Original Chicken Handbag from Firebox.com is definitely for the girl with a sense of humor who doesn't take anything too seriously. 

4. Baguette-holding Bag This bread bag by Cyan offers a stylish way to carry a loaf of bread home from the bakery. The 'Baguette Bag' looks just like it could contain a yoga mat, but it is shorter and designed specifically to hold baguettes. This leaves your hands free and makes cycling or carrying other bags of groceries that much easier. Cyan's 'Baguette Bag' is available for pre-order on the new crowdfunding platform, 'Wowcracy.'

5. Block-building Bag Show your love and appreciation for the building blocks that defined a part of your childhood with this adorable LEGO bag.  It is created by talented designer Karen Booker whose brand Luxford St. is available on Etsy. It would be the perfect addition when running errands or when making your way from class to class.  

6. British Sci-Fi Bookbag No, your eyes do not deceive you: this is a legitimate TARDIS backpack. Recently, the TARDIS has become a target for crafters looking to pay tribute to the iconic British sci-fi show 'Doctor Who.' One such crafter is Lee, of the Etsy shop MadBoyWithBox. Like the real TARDIS, this backpack is bigger on the inside than it looks and measures 7” by 11”. The TARDIS backpack can be used as both a book bag and as a purse of sorts thanks to its adjustable straps. Lee is selling the TARDIS bag for $174.76 and it’s available now.


 7. Wooded Purses Ecologically responsible fashionistas don’t have to feel guilt with EMBAWO’s wooden purses; these bags are made of sustainable and natural resources instead of chemically-processed plastics. These eco-friendly fashion statements are original in design and guaranteed in quality.

8. The Dragon Backpack You see this guy walking down the street and you notice that he has a giant black lizard attacking his back. OH GOD! You push him to the ground, and start beating the lizard up, only to discover that it is in fact the New Dragon Backpack, and you just assaulted someone. 

9. Eveyday Objects Handbag Using a watering can as a purse might not be a realistic option, but the one offered by Etsy user Krukrustudio is perfectly suited to holding your belongings. Specializing in quirky bags that look like everyday objects, the expertly crafted purses come in a variety of styles including -- just to name a few -- a boxing glove, a violin, the Instagram logo, a Rubiks cube, a gasoline can, a carrot and even a jar of jam.

 10. High-heeled Handbags A draw between your preference of shoes over purses might be broken by the discovery of the Widow Leather Bag. This eccentric item integrates a base like a single stiletto and an upper portion that's distinctively a handbag. The product of this unexpected fusion is a striking and stylish object that would certainly situate its owner on the fabulous fringe of fashion.



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