Remember Those Days

Oh God, time flies! It's been at least two years time we had bazaars! 

We still remember the time when we had to wake up really early and packed all things ready to the car(while of course days earlier were to make and prepare all the materials and accessories needed, lots of works actually), and find the destination of the bazaar. And most of the time, we were trying our luck to see if we could get into the right place because many bazaar organizers could not promise a good place, some of them even gave us really bad spots where we got no business at all, and we made no profits at all that day.

LimKokWing University was one of our favourite spot to go! Students were generous and most foreigner students were open-minded and they just love what we offered! Daring designs, weird combinations, funny messages, you name it.


Our little cozy stall, with our 'signature' white tree hanging all the necklaces =) 


Though now we have stopped joining bazaars, the moments we had were truly significant. I still remember customers were shy to come forward to say hi, and some would bear the strong wing blowing on them but still picking their charms. Days were bitter but were sweet too. 


Have a good day ahead!


Nicole Bailey,

Vintage 1988



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